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I started to prepare for the birth of my baby girl long before I even got pregnant. I did a tons of research, read every book published by Michel Odent and I knew that I wanted a natural unmedicated birth (if possible). Somewhere along the way of the wonderful pregnancy journey I learned about the benefits of chiropractic care and placenta encapsulation. At that time there were very little research done about benefits of placenta consumption but there was a lot of anecdotal evidence to prove this theory. So I found a wonderful encapsulation specialist who was able to do it for me so I can bond with my newborn. 

I was thrilled. I was excited. I was a new mother with a healthy baby and a jar of my own placenta capsules. Here is what I experianced taking it:

  • Increase in energy

  • Mood enhancement

  • Milk supply increase (I donated my milk to 5 babies and was ablr to wet nurse one)

  • Resolved anemia symptoms (I was always borderline anemic)

  • Lessened postnatal bleeding

  • No feelings of anxiety

  • Almost no crying spells

  • Uterus returning to normal size in about 2 weeks

  • Increase in libido

And today I share this ancient art form with mamas around Philadelphia!

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